What is a credit union?

Credit unions are non-profit organizations that are owned and operated by their members. Similar to a bank, credit unions can accept deposits, make loans, and provide a wide array of other financial services.

How does a credit union differ from a bank?

As member-owned institutions, credit unions focus on providing a safe place to save and borrow at reasonable rates. Unlike banks, credit unions return surplus income to their members in the form of dividends. Furthermore, credit unions are member-focused institutions. A credit union is a cooperative, which means it is owned and operated by its members, as opposed to being owned by its stockholders like a bank. Your initial membership deposit makes you part owner of the credit union. 

Am I eligible to join?

Since we are a “closed” credit union, we can only accept new members that are employed by or retired from one of the businesses listed on our “Field of Membership” (Click here for the full list). You may also be eligible for membership if you are directly related to or the spouse of an existing member. If you’re interested in joining and are still unsure of your eligibility, give us a call at 501-623-7004 and we will gladly answer any questions you may have!